Summer time is finally here! You have your bags packed, the neighbor kid down the street to watch your dog, and you’re ready to travel! Are you ready, though? Take a look at our checklist below to make sure that your home is safe while you’re gone!

1. Stop your mail and postage delivery. Nothing says “nobody’s home!” like a pile of mail sitting on your doorstep. Have a neighbor check your door for pamphlets or business cards from solicitors.

2. Trim bushes or trees blocking any views of your windows or doors. Burglaries are more likely to happen in homes where windows can’t be seen from the street.

3. Place important documents and valuables in a fire protected and locked safe. It doesn’t have to be a huge safe; it can be a smaller deposit box. Just something to keep your documents protected!

4. Use timers on lights inside and outside your house and leave your curtains slightly open. This gives off the appearance that someone is home.

5. Check all of your windows to make sure that they securely latch. Move any keys hidden in obvious places (like under the mat). If your car is out, remove your garage door opener from sight.

7. Tell at least one trusted neighbor that you are going out of town. Give that neighbor your contact information in case they see anything suspicious.

8. Give a trusted neighbor a key to your house while you’re gone. You never know when a pipe could burst or when you will forget something you need at home!