In our business, we often get to know our clients on a very personal level and often become close friends with them. However, there are some things that MOST of my clients (and maybe even some of my friends) don’t know about me! Here are 5 Facts About Matt and as Toby Keith would say… “let’s talk about me.”

1. I was born in Casper, Wyoming in 1968. I could not find any data of how many births there were in Wyoming in 1968 but in 2011 there were only 6,586 births in the state. That is only 19 babies born each day in the whole state. I find that amazing when there are individual hospitals in Dallas that deliver more than that each day. I think that makes me kind of rare, right?

2. I have known my wife, Taffney, since 1975 when my family moved to Denver (I’ll save you the math… we were 7 years old) and our families grew up together. My older brother and her older brother were best friends, our moms played in the adult softball league together and her dad coached me in little league football. The best part is our moms were always trying to get us together (I have actually had a crush on her since the first time I met her). So, sometimes moms do know best! We have been married 25 years in September and have two amazing children who work with us. It is awesome!

3. I have always been a thrill seeker. This has gotten me into a lot of trouble but I have also had a lot of fun. Growing up in Colorado, I was an avid skier and used to ski almost every weekend in the winter; I used to go skiing in the outback and moonlight skiing on Loveland Pass. I built a snowboard in woodshop before there were snowboards! In the summers, I am still an avid hunter and fisher, and I used to windsurf regularly. I played varsity high school football and baseball. I was even on an all-star baseball team that went to Nationals in Spokane, Washington. I have been skydiving (solo), bungee jumping, whitewater rafting and even rode dirt bikes in the mountains. I have learned to slow my roll after many broken bones, torn ligaments and other assorted injuries. Now, I prefer to put all that energy into my work (less injuries).

4. I have had a wide array of careers since graduating college. I have a degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of Colorado and an AS degree in Hazardous Material Management. I started my career as a driller collecting environmental samples for Target Environmental Services. I then was an Environmental Technician for a major engineering company. I worked in West Dallas at a former lead smelter, Air force bases all over the US, several superfund sites and even refineries. Then, I was a home builder for almost 8 years with Highland Homes, KB homes and even did custom home building for over 2 years. After that I worked for a family business brokering seismic data to oil and gas companies all over the US. I began my dream job in 2010 as a real estate agent. I love what I do and as they say, do what you love and you will never work another day.

5. For my future me, all my wants. I want to continue to build a successful Real Estate business that continues to help people get into the homes of their dreams. I want my children to continue to run it even after I get to retire. I want to keep my roots here in Allen or the surrounding area as long as the kids are here. I want grandkids (but not too soon). Taffney and I would like to spend 5 years traveling around tropical islands on a boat but we have to sell more homes first (maybe in a few years).

If you’ve made it this far, you probably deserve a medal! Thanks for being so interested in me, but I want to know more about my friends and clients! What does your past look like and more importantly, what does your future look like?